Utility Inspection

Utility Inspection by Tri County Drone

Team of Experts: Our UAV program is led by a highly experienced program manager and lead pilot who collaborate with our team of engineers, sensor scientists and software engineers to provide you with customized, beneficial deliverables. Electrical Inspection Documentation by DroneElectrical Inspection Documentation by Drone

Redefining Data Deliverables: Every utility works differently, which is why we work to understand exactly what data you want and how to deliver that data in a meaningful way.

Safer Aircraft: In order to provide safer UAV inspections around utility facilities, we develop our own unmanned aerial systems complete with redundant components, longer flight times and improved payload capacities.

  • Electric T&D Vegetation Management
  • Mapping and Surveys
  • Distribution System Inspection
  • Transmission System Inspection
  • Rapid Post-Event and Storm Response
  • Substation and Electric Facility Inspection