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Tower Inspection

Tower Inspection by Drone is the most affordable and safest way to inspect cell phone and transmission towers. We can inspect a tower in as little as 15 minutes and have video in 4k along with pictures of your choosing. We are currently inspecting towers in Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. For more information please call 417-259-0556.

Our different solutions capture various types of data which leads to different use cases.

Cellular Tower Inspection by Drone

– Rapid Audit –

  • Basic Site Overview (alpha, beta, gamma sectors, top down, safety climb)
  • Severe Weather Damage
  • Birds Nests
  • Antenna Real-Estate
  • Port Plug / Coax Routing
  • Installation Verification
  • Climber Optimization
  • FAA Marking / Lighting

– Detailed Audit – 

  • Rust / Corrosion
  • Antenna Labels
  • Equipment Status Checks
  • Coax Weatherproofing
  • Missing Bolts
  • Guyed Wire Health
  • Microwave Path
  • Mount Analysis

– 3D Modeling –

  • Tower Mapping
  • Antenna Level Heights
  • Azimuth, Plumb, Tilt Angles
  • Measurements