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Thermal Imaging by Drone

Photovoltaic Panel Inspection, building heat dispersion, pipe monitoring, safety and surveillance, Farm & Agriculture, and more. We can do an entire commercial building roof in the time it would take most inspections to get started.

By using the latest thermal imaging equipment we can find where your heat or cold is seeping through your home, water leaks, commercial roof inspections, animal count, vegitation, ag, and so much more.


Residential Roof Inspection

roof inspection thermal drone

  • Identify and map trapped moisture penetration in roofs
  • Perform energy audit inspections for thermal insulation efficiency
  • Detect thermal hotspots within walls from faulty electrical circuits
  • Take HD aerial images for insurance claims and inspection
  • Inspect residential solar panel installations for defects


Commercial Building Inspection

commercial inspection thermal infrared

  • Detect delamination and spalling defects in concrete structures
  • Map heat flow and prevent thermal bridging due to faulty insulation
  • Perform forensic moisture intrusion inspections of plumbing facilities
  • Detect insulation leaks in HVAC or refrigeration equipment
  • Proactively identify areas of concern for moisture leaks


Utilities Inspection

utility inspection thermal drone

  • Identify hot spots within power transmission lines before failure occurs
  • Quickly survey and detect failing cells within a solar array in minutes
  • Detect thermal rise signatures of gearbox brake failure in wind turbines


Industrial Inspection

industrial inspection drone

  • Locate and isolate leaks emanating from buried pipelines
  • Find line blockages in fluid transmission systems above ground
  • Detect thermal patterns and monitor temperatures on boiler tubes
  • Proactively monitor liquid levels in large storage tanks to detect leaks



First Responders / HAZMAT

hazmat drone usage

  • Rapid deployment of sensors for intelligence gathering
  • Reduce cost by mitigating risk with a disposal drone
  • Quickly establish asset locations and safe zones
  • Synchronized (In-Line) daylight video feed with IR thermal feed


Fire Fighting and Rescue

firefighter drone usage

  • See through smoke to identify the seat of structural fires
  • Quickly detect smoldering hot spots within walls
  • Rapid deployment of a 360 degree thermal observation platform
  • Gain critical perspective from the air where traditional assets can’t go


Law Enforcement and Police

police drone usage

  • Rapid deployment of sensors for intelligence and overwatch support
  • Continuous on-station capability for hostage & active shooter incidents
  • Air Drop hostage supplies or open lines of communications remotely
  • Document traffic or crime scene for later reconstruction


Search and Rescue

search and rescue drone usage

  • Rapid victim or lost persons search with live high resolution video streams
  • Can operate off-the-grid for rugged post disaster support
  • Day or night on-station mission capability and on-scene aerial lighting
  • Low altitude payload or rescue line delivery