Mapping / Modeling

Mapping / Modeling
Mapping and Modeling by drone has become one of the biggest savings for our clients. Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Quarries, Planning, Electrical right-of-way, and Surveying, all have areas which our services can save you time and money with the highest of accuracy.
Do you know how many Acres your field is? Distance, Acres, Volumes, NDVI, Plant growth, Rust detection, Heard head counts, and much more can be shown by using our drones and specialized software. You no longer need to guess; you can Save Money!
Our Agriculture Services Include: The ability to fly 160 acres in less than 15 minutes.
Field Intelligence: Spot variations and problem areas with NDVI, VARI, and more.
Actionable Information: Minimize crop loss and boost yield with rapid intervention.
Real-Time Insights: Crop scout and ground truth without leaving the field.
Ag Processing Engine: Image stitching solution to map uniformed sections of farmland.
Planning your next step and bid proposals can now be an accurate and visual document, 2d map, 3d model, & more. No more guesswork or trying to explain what you are needing completed. We can mark GPS locations, Distances, Volumes, Angles, Point Clouds, Full 3d Movie of existing and upcoming needs, and so much more.
Got a construction project that includes elevations, volume measurements, progress reporting needed, Thermal Imaging, completion pictures, and video? The answer is likely yes if your in construction. We can help show you the equipment needed to start the project and the amount of gravel needed for a driveway. With our drones and specialized software we can make your job easier, more professional, and best of all, cheaper!
Sidewalks to major highway projects. Our drone services save you time and money.
Volume is a specialty of ours. This shows one of the simpler type volume measurements which will get very close to the amount on the ground. We also do CUT / FILL Measurements. With all equipment we can use and the best software, volume and other measurements are the highest accuracy available.