We do it ALL! Drone, Photography, Computers, and more!

When you hire someone to do a job the thought of whether or not they can complete the task is sometimes questionable. To give our Drone and other customers an easy way to verify us is to simply look at our custom portfolio on that subject and ask around. It is great having such wonderful customers that consistently pass our name along and give terrific reviews.

So; what knowledge am I talking about?

Andrew Kuster, CEO of Tri County Drone alone has 23 Years (as of 2019) in Computer business serving all aspects and still running.
Life long Photographer.
Editing photo and video since computers were able to.
3d modeling, mapping, creating, printing.
Photography by ground and air. In air before DJI existed. More joystick-controller hours than ANY (or extremely few) pilots in the world.
Pix4d, Drone Deploy, Maps Made Easy, Arc Gis, GIS Pro, and almost all other drone software mastered or proficient.
Transmission & Distribution Inspections and Sock Runs.
Infrastructure Inspections.
Commercial & Residential Inspections.
Tower Inspections – Cell, Water, Radio, WISP, and TV.
Event Videographer / Photographer including photos now in our Historical Records.
Media Production Pro – Since 1998
Broadcasting – Live and Recorded
Mechanical & Engineering.
Business Law, SUAS Laws, Waivers and Authorizations.
ALL things computer.
HTML to the latest and greatest web scripting.
Just to name a few…………

Add in 341 Pilots and our contacts and I believe if it is possible; we can get it done.

We at Tri County Drone will always continue to operate with our rural and family values. If you have a need we can help with please let us know.