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Tri County Drone is located in Mountain Grove Missouri. Our Drone Services cover Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Branson, West Plains, and all of Southern Missouri and Arkansas. We also travel the USA upon request for Aerial Photography and Video, Cinema, Real Estate, Commercial Properties, Land Surveys, Sporting Events, Inspections, and so much more. We use the highest quality drones available and operate / maintain them professionally.  Over 20 years in the computer world giving the editing process a smooth, quick, and affordable process.

We are the leader in Commercial & Residential Photo and Video by drone in a very large area. If you are a Realtor or repeat customer, please ask for multiple job pricing discounts. It’s much easier to book with one client and get every shot possible at multiple locations in one day. All Residential and commercial real estate pictures and video are done with professional precision.  Typical real estate video from call to finished and live on the web is 2 days.

  • Affordable aerial photography for any situation.
  • Over 20 Years of Experience in Joystick Controls.
  • 4k High Definition Video.
  • Quick and Professional.
  • Professional Video Editing.
  • Media Delivery in every way available.

FAA Compliant Unmanned Aerial Inspection Program for Gas and Electric Utilities

FAA Licensed UAS Pilot: Andrew Kuster


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Spring Sale! May 7th-13th receive a 8x10 professionally edited Aerial Home or Business picture for $45.00 if within 5 miles of Mountain Grove Missouri.

Inspection can wait right? This is why our services are needed. That is transmitting equipment in the building below. 245' fall. Hard Hat wouldn't help much on that.

MODOT has our CC Hwy pictures in their historical archives now after asking. The Hammond Camp area has more to it than I knew. MODOT "describes the effects of that flood and the removal of the bridge wreckage on a prehistoric archaeological site located along the right bank of the river below the Route CC bridge."

Hello Mountain Grove! Spring is here even if it does snow Friday😉

For pilots or humor; Good stuff lol. End is the best.

Customer can verify this comment. A bird would get walnuts off the ground, fly up, drop them on my drone when going any higher than the roof. Not making excuses because the shots are there. #Roofinspection #drone #life

Towers? No Problem. Close ups on request

While in Branson MO...Quiet area the first of March

Drove 140 miles to take 1 picture for a certain company. Soo, I took several while in the area. Here is Downtown Springfield

Want to reduce your heating and cooling bills? Looking for a Water Leak or Electrical Check? Our thermal units by ground or air can SAVE YOU MONEY! Starts at $45.00; Yes, that cheap! One customer saved $75.00 even in colder temps month on their electric bill and only used 2 cans of foam after we spotted the heat leak. 417-259-0556. Book today while our specials are going.

Intel Drone Swarm Light Show

Thermal Inspections Inside, Outside, & Aerial. Holiday specials going on now! Book now to receive 50 percent off! SPECIAL ENDS 12/31/17

Please Like & Share. Put a bunch of clips together from 2017 that was available to post publicly. A great year and met some great people. Looking forward to another year in the drone industry. Things are getting bigger by the day so look for new posts. Tried to keep out the realty but some was specialty jobs and I was the guy to call. https://youtu.be/xEQTrMh0KNE

Cold weather is great for mapping! Big or small we can make Elevations, Terrain, Volume, Area, Distance, NDVI, Ortho Photos, Photo stitching, 2 and 3d models. Ponds, Lakes, Construction, Quarries, Mining, Farm or Town Mapping, , ect, can all benefit. Book now and get our Holiday Discount!

Mountain Grove Christmas Parade 2017 by Drone - LIKE and Share! Tag your friends. Will have a magnified version soon to give a close up. Merry Christmas https://youtu.be/HUqU4B3_xHo

Mountain Grove Christmas Parade 2017 - Video Uploading.

Another Beautiful Sunset near Mountain Grove. Missed the best part by 5 minutes. Enjoy the weekend!

Shop local if you can and be safe in your travels on this black Friday. Many new things to come on this page and a Page Like might get you a bonus! Random people will be chosen throughout the holiday season for free Drone pictures and video. No entry needed. Also giving away a 2-hour session of flying our drones!

Mountain Grove MO -Long Exposure- 11-22-17 Happy Thanksgiving!

Realtors; get it before winter! We are blessed with great business and love working with new clients and educating them on how we are different and market your videos along with you FOR FREE! Don't get a "guy with a drone". Get a Pro with you in mind. If you don't succeed; we don't. SGF and other Waivers, Night Shots, and all areas covered. Call ASAP to get more info; 417-259-0556

FLASH SALE!!! For a limited time we are offering a Real Estate Photo Package for only $50! Give us a call by Sunday October, 22nd to book your session. Restrictions apply call us for details. 417-259-0556

One of the two spooky's ready for Halloween in Mountain Grove. Some fabric got tangled in the picture but you get the idea.